Our philosophy is the way we do things. It is the message and the feeling that lies behind our every intention and our every effort with our students and their families. The tenets of our philosophy are what make Notes Studio instantly recognizable and identifiable. It is a vibe which hums in the air of our studio, a feeling that is tangible and can be felt from the very first step into our world.


Our students come to us to know music, to understand it, to create and to play it. We aim at providing quality music education that emphasizes technical knowledge and ability as well as artistic expression and appreciation.

We train our students to be more than just literate in music. We train them to interpret, feel, and understand the music they are playing. Our students do not reproduce music. They play music.

Using only internationally recognized syllabuses, we provide our students with the necessary foundation that will allow them to be comparable at an international level. This means that wherever they chose to go from here, they will have qualifications that are instantly known and recognized.

With quality instruments and teaching tools, we provide our students with proper practice tools where they can hone their skills and talents. Supported by encouraging instructors and the freedom to fully be themselves, our students thrive and grow as musicians capable of a multitude of expressions through the music they play.


The solid foundation in technical and artistic skill which our students will gain from us will provide them with a solid foundation from which they can later diversify and explore. The freedom for expression and creativity is a constant pulse that runs through our studio, so our students will grow in an environment that from the very beginning, will nurture them to create.

When they are ready, our students will come to see how they can put parts of themselves into their art and use it as a voice, a form of expression, a way of relating to the world. Through their music, they will learn that they are capable of something that allows them to connect and bring joy to others.

It is through this, our students will learn that the best parts of life are the ones we share. They will learn that the act of giving their talents will fill a place in them, bringing the sort of satisfaction not many other things can bring.  

Music is art and art is not selfish. It was always meant to be shared.


Seeking to instill the best sort of learning behaviour in our students, we incorporate methods of fun and play in our classrooms. This allows us to form learning behaviours that are inquisitive, creative, resourceful, and courageous besides providing our students with a comfortable means of exploring and expressing themselves.

With the two purposes of our methods combined, we are able to build a healthy learning environment for our students where they can come to class with a light heart and go home feeling inspired and looking forward to more.