The way we teach at Notes Studio is based on a foundation made up of 9 core values. In very course and curricula we adopt, we weave these values into the very heart of all our lessons. Our aim is to provide education which will make a difference and change the lives of our students. We seek to guide our students in the best ways possible and our core values provide a solid ground and structure to mold our students into both excellent musicians and strong, individual, purposeful characters.


All our instructors possess some degree of qualification obtained either locally or from abroad. The range of qualifications is from a Diploma to Masters Degree in various areas of music. Additionally, many of our instructors are experienced performers who actively participate in performances and shows. They are all highly motivated and inspiring musicians who seek to share the best of what they have. We understand the influence an instructor can have on a student, thus we have only the best with us so that in turn, our students are exposed to only the best.




By reforming traditional methods of teaching, we ensure that the education we provide fits the needs of our students by providing them with tools and traits applicable to the modern world. Our fun and play methods encompass diverse purposes within the classroom. By encouraging expression and exploration within the classroom, our students learn to be inquisitive, creative, resourceful, and courageous in their approach to learning. As we also work to foster a genuine interest in music, our fun and play methods also allow our students to enjoy themselves and experience personally, how fun and enriching music can be.


Music with all its intricacies and infinite possibilities is the perfect starting ground for training creative thinking. At Notes Studio, everything from the physical environment of the studio to the teaching tools used, from the fun classroom approaches to our experienced, supportive instructors are intended to help stimulate our students into different ways of thinking. This wealth of resources, encouragement and constant practice will ingrain within our students the habitual practice of creative thinking; an invaluable skill in today’s world where the limits and boundaries of human thought and achievement are constantly being pushed and challenged.


Music is an art form that can take on a life of its own. We train our students to do more than just reproduce musical scores. We train them to breathe life into their music. As they mature and progress in their musical education, students will learn the finer points of music as an art form, as a way and means which they can use to express themselves. They will be taught to feel and understand the music they are playing or creating. We aim to grow not just mere music players, but to grow music artists.


Only internationally recognized syllabuses such as the ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall, and Rockschool curriculum are used. This ensures that our students follow only the highest standards in music education and their progress is comparable on an international level. We seek to give our students the strongest foundation available so anywhere they go, they will be able to compete and showcase their knowledge and talents effectively.


Notes Studio has an excellent track record when it comes to academic excellence as seen in most of our students who constantly score distinctions and high distinctions in their exams. Besides that, they also give wonderful, successful live performances whenever the opportunity arises. True to our nature of inspiring well-rounded excellence, students are trained to use music to their advantage in terms of personal growth and character building. Through music, students will learn to mature in their thinking and conduct as they are guided to work diligently in their learning and practice. Their development within the studio provides them with the necessary tools and traits to go into the world as better persons and strong, unique performers.


Helping our students to expand their world through music allows them another way to give and share with those around them. We strive to instill this spirit of sharing music and art in our students by providing them with opportunities to perform live during our annual concerts. Not only is the chance to perform in front of live audiences an excellent way of training confidence and empowering our students, they will be able to witness for themselves their ability to use music to share and spread goodness to the people around them. From starting opportunities at our annual concert, our students have gone on to push the boundaries in the ways which they share their music. They perform regularly in theatre and stage productions, concerts, and private engagements.


Our studio with its multinational student body is built with the purpose of connecting people through the common interest of music. Yet, within that common connection, lie the potential for enormous opportunities to meet with new people, expand mindsets, and build on ideas. Our students will learn more than just music. Instead, with their diverse experiences from different parts of the world, our students will learn from each other. We built for them a space where they can grow both their internal and external world.


Through inspiring guidance and the fostering of genuine interest in music, students will come to know music as an essential part of life.  As they continue on their journey in music they will find that music will bring them closer to other people, allow them to add another dimension to themselves, and nurture their confidence. With all the enrichment music will give to their lives, our students will learn to appreciate music not just as another ability, but as an art form that can contribute, change, shape, and nurture them.