An excellent one-stop studio for anything arts related. A great place to learn all kinds of instruments, brush-up on our vocals and even other courses such as photography and arts & crafts.

The kids feel safe and comfortable. The classes are well scheduled and kids can watch their favourite music related TV shows while waiting for their next class or their parents to pick them up. The ambience is warm and child-friendly. It’s convenient, comfortable and a great place to inculcate a musical ear for your kids. NOTES STUDIO is a suitable place to start learning music.

Sana (6 years old) and Mrs Aparna Mahesh (India)
Garden International School

My kids like to learn music at NOTES STUDIO. They like their teachers and they are really happy with their music instrument and vocal class.

We really learned a lot from NOTES STUDIO. We improved and learned many new songs and useful skills. We're very pleased that we're learning at NOTES STUDIO.

Minseo (12 years old), Junseo (9 years old) and Mr Duheui (Korea)
Tenby International School

Maneesha has progressed rapidly under the guidance and teaching of experienced teachers at NOTES STUDIO. In addition to professional teaching, the teachers make the lessons entertaining and fun for the children. Maneesha actually looks forward to her classes weekly and within a short period, she has learnt a lot as well as scored in music examinations.

Maneesha (11 years old) and Datin Seri Anuradha Rejendra (Malaysia)
Global Indian International School

All my 3 daughters started with the electric guitar. Kaeshini later started vocal classes and Dharanee took up the drums. All of them enjoyed their classes and have progressed quite well and will be sitting for the exams soon. They have enjoyed participating in the annual concert and playing together in a group band too.

Kaeshini (17 years old), Jayshrie (15 years old), Dharanee (13 years old) and Datin Sumathi Svivanathan (Malaysia)
ELC International School

I was initially hesitant to sign him up for violin at this young age as I wonder if he would have the concentration and dedication to see it through. However, after a couple of lessons, I was amazed at the rate of how quickly he picked-up the notes and started playing them well. Teacher Rohnie is patient and tactful in his approach to capture my son's attention and concentration level. My son looks forward to going to his classes and usually comes out with a big smile.

Luke (5 years old) and Mrs Yeo Hwee Peng (Singapore/England)
British International School

NOTES STUDIO has been the perfect choice for our three kids’ music education and appreciation. Our kids started with piano lessons but were soon interested to pick up violin and later the drums. They enjoy all their classes, as the teachers are not only dedicated but have stimulated a great interest in our children in appreciating each musical instrument. The principal of NOTES STUDIO also keeps us updated about our children's progress and always gives us advice on how to encourage my children to improve in their musical skills. "It's so much fun being at NOTES and I look forward to all my classes!" said Sreedda.

Sreedda (10 years old), Kreena (8 years old), Teysha (6 years old) and Mrs Hari Chandran (Malaysia)
ELC International School

I was very pleasantly surprised to find NOTES STUDIO while walking around Solaris Mont Kiara in 2011. I've been looking for a professional but at the same time friendly place for my kids to take music lessons. My daughter does vocal training and piano while my son learns the drums. Since joining NOTES less than 1 year ago, I can see how much they've improved and grew fonder of music. The atmosphere is very friendly and the teachers know how to communicate well with the children. Both my kids are getting so much compliments on how much they're improving and I couldn't be happier to have discovered NOTES STUDIO at the convenient area of Solaris.

Jamila (10 years old), Yousef (8 years old) and Mrs Hana Moafi (Egypt)
Mont Kiara International School

Our daughter has been taking vocal and violin lessons with NOTES STUDIO for the past 2 years and we could not be happier. NOTES STUDIO taught her to love music in a way that has both inspired and encouraged her. She has learned how important it is to work hard, practice and be creative.  She loves her teachers and look forward to classes at NOTES STUDIO. My girl doesn't complain about practising like she used to before. So Sherlyn and Leong, thank you for being great teachers.  

Rommie(11 years old) and Mrs Adittha (Thailand)
Mont Kiara International School

The teachers are friendly and fun. The teaching is good. My daughters find it fun and they enjoy it very much. They use the techniques they learnt from their teachers to play every song now.

Yi Wen (13 years old), Yi Xin (13 years old), Yi Xuen (7 years old) and Prof Dr Wong Ming (Malaysia)
Sri Garden International School

Isla is very enthusiastic about coming to her music and vocal class. Over the past year, she has improved dramatically and is now beginning to play piano and she is definitely loving it.

Isla (6 years old) and Mrs Cara (Malaysia/Scotland)
Lycee Francais De Kuala Lumpur

My daughters have both been learning vocals and my eldest daughter is also taking piano lessons. They have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons and we have been very pleased with their progress. NOTES STUDIO always has such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere when we arrive. The teachers are patient and caring; and customizes the music lessons to my daughters’ current skill level. I highly recommend NOTES STUDIO for its atmosphere and quality teachers.

Emma (10 years old), Sarah (7 years old) and Mrs Renea Goebel(Australia)
Alice Smith International School

Our children have loved learning from the instructors at NOTES STUDIO. They are personable, professional and engage the kids in a way that makes them enthusiastic about music.

Ruby (12 years old), Zeke (10 years old) and Mrs Rachel Silberstein/Mr Andy Hill (USA)
Mont Kiara International School

As a mother, I find Sherlyn’s biggest asset to be her patience and her ability to understand and relate to my daughters. She treats them with firmness whenever needed but always with kindness. Most importantly, she listens to them and treats them with respect as the young, growing individuals that they are. These qualities, together with her dedication, enthusiasm, encouragement and humour, have been instrumental in their steady progress. She started as a teacher to them, but very quickly became a friend to us all.

Wafa (12 years old), Samira (14 years old) and Mrs Najma (Malaysia/Italy)
SMK Sri Hartamas

Friendly staffs, diligent teachers, conducive and fun environment - that is what I like about NOTES STUDIO. Amanda has been attending classes for about 1.5 years and she has improved her vocal strength a great deal. Her vocal teacher is very creative in choosing the songs for her to practice. Both her music teachers (violin and vocals) have a fun and firm teaching style that Amanda enjoys.

Amanda (7 years old) and Mrs Marina Suliawan (Indonesia)
Garden International School

Sherlyn is always positive and is full of energy. My daughter, Marisa has improved her vocal skill significantly since she has taken Sherlyn’s lessons. Without Sherlyn’s classes, Marisa wouldn’t be performing as a soloist in the school theatre production recently.

Marisa (12 years old) and Mrs Masami Hemmi (Taiwan/Japan)
Mont Kiara International School

For my children, NOTES STUDIO is like an escape from school work and stress. NOTES is a place my children are able to express themselves and simply have a good time. NOTES offers not only a wide variety of music lessons, amazing service and a chance to enhance every individual's full musical potential, it builds character. In NOTES, every music instructor is highly proficient in teaching. For such a new studio, NOTES has not failed to amaze me.

Sharmaine (16 years old), Joo Sheng (12 years old) and Puan Sri Wong Kee Choo (Malaysia)
Nexus International School

Ever since Keisha joined NOTES STUDIO, she has gradually developed more interest in singing (vocal class) and she is always looking forward to her weekly class.  She feels comfortable with the learning environment and appreciates her relationship with the teacher.

Keisha (6 years old) and Mr Maiko Watanabe (Japan)
ELC International School

NOTES STUDIO has made music learning fun. It is a non intimidating environment where my children feel at home. The teachers are very dedicated and very experience in teaching very young children to appreciate music. 

Ian (12 years old), Hannah (10 years old), Sarah (6 years old) and Mrs Nora Hammad (Germany/Singapore)
Garden International School

Keziah and Lolie have found a wonderful vocal teacher. Ever since my children taking the music class, they feel more confident and both of them are always happy in NOTES STUDIO.

Keziah (11 years old), Lolie (9 years old) and Mrs Myrian Mendjisky (France)
French International School

Ryan is a energetic, enthusiastic and willful 5 years old boy. I was looking for a warm and secure place for him to get his first introduction to music. I was not sure he was ready for formal lessons and traditional music reading with notes. Ryan took no time in learning his theory then easily move on to his practical. Thanks to NOTES STUDIO warm and dedicated group of teachers, my son is happy playing his keyboard.

Ryan (5 years old) and Mrs Serena Teh (Malaysia)
British International School