Warmest greetings to all our local and international students!

Notes Studio of Performing Arts is celebrating TEN YEARS of nurturing young, confident, talented and motivated learners in our community.

Exactly a decade ago, Notes Studio opened her gates to the public with the aim of introducing modern music education. The focus has always been to be a comprehensive and complete music school, offering a high degree of personalized services to our students and to allow for full bonding of students, parents, teachers and all stakeholders, where everyone knows each other.

Together we have made Notes Studio a success. We have made it possible that we can gather here and celebrate our 10th year milestone anniversary. We are constantly and rapidly advancing in achievement, of which we are proud of. It means that we have strived to establish ourselves in this sector. We have claimed our rightful place here. As a brand, we can reasonably say we are tops in this environment.

To our loyal supporters, I say a big thank you. Your every word of encouragement provided the much needed fuel that spurred us on and took us to the level we are today. I implore you to please keep at it; we need you.

Once again, we are filled with mixed feelings, not only for a decade well spent, but also for many successful academic sessions. Indeed the past decade has been characterized by moments. In our usual manner of detailed planning and well thought out implementation, Notes Studio focused on nurturing and mentoring students to be ready to take on the world. Partnership and proper accreditation have always been important to us. Since the beginning, we have always worked with accredited boards of music like ABRSM, Rock School and Trinity College London. We also constantly seek instructors who are Degree to PhD holders in their respective areas of music with teaching experience in local music institutions and universities. Besides that, our instructors also have plenty of performing experiences. This ensures that they are able to impart both music theory and performing arts skills to our students. Over the years, Notes Studio has indeed recorded several successes and consistently helped our students achieve high grades in both theory and practical examinations. We are proud to set benchmarks in the standard of music education here in Malaysia.

In addition to numerous impressive yearly performances, Notes Studio has encouraged and nurtured many young talents and groomed them as a all rounded performers. Over the years, we have worked closely with our highly experienced instructors and the families of our students in order to build a music education center that is both reliable and consistent in standards and quality. We have listened to numerous feedback and fine-tuned our methods accordingly and we continue to do so today. Part of this journey involved plenty of hard work and determination to expand opportunities for our students, both in terms of music academics as well as performing art opportunities. Some of our greatest highlights have been numerous recitals, concerts, and public performance opportunities for our students throughout the years. Let me assure all our parents that Notes Studio is the place to be.

To all our students, I encourage you all to take the lead in your next challenge, as you have been groomed. To our outgoing students, I congratulate you all. You all have really been exceptionally wonderful. Lastly, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support through the years. You have given us much joy. As we continue to work closely with our students, parents, international schools, examination boards, musician friends, music educators, and key industry players, we hope to continue building this community while at the same time raising the standards of musical education in Malaysia.

We look forward to growing so much more with all of you!

Warmest regards,

Sherlyn Kho
Notes Studio of Performing Arts