24 Dec 2011

Tis’ the season to be jolly! This season, as The Notes Studio marks the end of its second year and the beginning of its third, there is plenty of joy and celebration going around! It’s been a big year for us and we couldn’t be more pleased as we look back and see where we’ve been the past 12 months. Here are this year’s highlights!

ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall Rockschool Exams

In the months of March and August, we sent 12 of our students for the ABRSM theory and practical exams. Together with the dedicated instructors here at the studio, the students had worked so hard in the months leading up to the exams that we knew they would do just fine on their own. Of course, they all ended up doing excellent and with 8 distinctions, 2 merits, and 2 passes, we couldn’t have been more pleased!

March was also when we received the results for two of our students who took the Trinity Guildhall Rockschool drum exams back in November 2010. After the long wait, we were delighted when both our students did fantastic and with time, we hope to see them continue to grow as musicians.

Here at Notes Studio, we are always keen to offer our students the best support and encouragement in their experience of learning music. Our exam results this year are only part of the testament of the wonderful capabilities of our instructors in guiding our students. In fact, more than anything we are proud of our warm, friendly studio environment which fosters and facilitates a child’s learning and curiosity. We emphasize that learning should be fun and exploratory and nothing is more rewarding to us than to see our students come for classes enthusiastic and full of anticipation!

Trip to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO)

In May, a group of students together with the principal, Ms. Sherlyn, visited the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra for the ‘Carnival of the Animals and Flight of the Bumblebee’ show. As part of Notes Studio’s philosophy of fun learning, excursions like these are organized so our students are able to gain wider exposure to music outside their classrooms. The excursion was a fun day out for both students and the teacher and definitely served as an inspiration to everyone in terms of musical appreciation and performance!

Annual Concert

The most anticipated event at Notes Studio this year was our Disney themed annual concert. As some of you will remember, this year’s concert marked a big leap from the one we had in 2010 at our tiny studio space. With the 2011 annual concert held at Black Box, Solaris Dutamas, it was a wonderful, magical night to remember! As many of you will remember we had an assortment of special appearances by Disney characters, including Belle, Ariel, Mulan, and even a very adorable ensemble of household items from Beauty and the Beast!

This year’s annual concert was a milestone of sorts and as we look back at the videos and pictures from that night, we feel so incredibly proud of our students and what they are capable of! The memories from that night are definitely something we will continue to cherish in the years to come!

Talented Instructors

This year was also an eventful one for many of our instructors. The talents of the instructors here at Notes Studio extend beyond the classroom as many of them were involved in performances either locally or internationally. Besides performing for many small scale private events, our instructors are also involved in larger scale, commercial performances. Two of our instructors, Ms. Lau Hai Loon (flute and piano) and Mr. Phang Eng Meng (violin and piano) were part of the orchestra for HSBC’s Classic Opera Extravaganza held earlier this year in KLPAC. Besides that, Mr. Hafiz (guitar) was also engaged in a performance for two weeks in London in the month of April. Our instructors are extremely dedicated in their art and we are extremely honoured to have them here at Notes Studio mentoring and guiding our students.

Superstar Students

Many of Notes’ students were also involved in performances in their school this year. Among the performances which our students took part in were Mont Kiara International School’s production, ‘Jungle Book’ and talent competition, ‘MKIS Idol’. To see our students sharing their talents always excites us and it was wonderful to see them have the opportunities to shine! For sure, we have some superstars In the making right here at Notes Studio!

Singing, Dancing, and Ushering in the New Year

Year ends always mean a time for reflection and new resolutions. As 2011 approaches a close, we look back and feel grateful for the opportunities and adventures this year has presented us with. It has been a year of growth as we have seen the addition of new instructors and new students to the Notes family. In the coming year, we hope to get to know all these new additions better and hopefully, to add more newcomers to our growing family as well! To the families that have been with us since the beginning, we love that you have been with us all this while and we can only look forward to having more adventures together down the road!

So for this holiday season, the Notes Studio would like to take the time to wish everyone happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Stay warm and fuzzy, spend time with your family, dance those Christmas socks off, and never forget the music!

We will see all of you again real soon!