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26 Dec 2010

Annual Concert 2010

The Notes Studio hosted its first annual concert on the 27th November 2010. The event began with an opening performance by student Jane Ng playing the piano. She performed ‘Wild Honey Suckle Rag’ and the lively ‘YMCA’. The second performance was by Wafa and Samira. They both performed a playful piano duet titled ...

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15 Dec 2010


Time flies and it is coming to the end of year 2010. It has been almost a year since Notes Studio first opened its door. Here, we Notes Studio want to say express our deepest appreciation and thank to everyone that have be with us over the year. Without your great support, we would not have done such a great job. Fro...

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07 Jul 2010


A little over 6 months have passed since Notes Studios first opened its door to our students. Since then, the studio has grown not only in number of students, but also instructors. We’ve added workshops such as DSLR Photography, Shutterbug Photography, Creative Artwork and Finishing Touch to our repertoire. A number of our students hav...

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02 Apr 2010

Grand Opening 2009

Notes Studio began its first lessons in December 2009, but it wasn’t until March 2010 when we had the grand opening for the studio. The day of the ceremony was an eventful one and full of the sort of celebratory loud noises so prominent at occasions such as this. The official opening began with a tour of the studio and an introduction ...

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